Canine Behavior and Training: Local Resources

The doctors at Wayland Animal Clinic have compiled this list of recommended canine behaviorists and trainers in the Boston and Metrowest community.  Most provide both group and private sessions and some will come to your home.  Please give us a call at 508-653-1096 if you would like to discuss how to best choose the trainer that is right for you and your dog.


This is a list of our recommended canine trainers for both group classes as well as private training sessions for your dog (if required). We recommend classes for all puppies and new dogs. Group training is often a good place to start when you are working with a specific behavior concern.
MSPCA Angell (Waltham) (617) 989-1520
MSPCA Angell (Jamaica Plain) (617) 989-1520
Charles River Dog Training Club (Weston)
The Pet Republic (Cambridge) (617) 520-4922


These behavior consultations are generally for specific behavior concerns that may be more involved, and recommended when we feel there is higher concern and/or your pet will need a more detailed approach to formulate a complete and positive-based behavior modification plan, particularly for such issues as:
    • Aggression towards people and/or other animals
    • Separation anxiety
    • Noise phobias
    • House soiling and marking
    • Generalized anxiety
    • Situational anxiety (car rides, slippery floors, vet visits)
  • New baby acclimation
  • Furniture scratching
  • Excessive vocalization
  • Cognitive dysfunction
  • Compulsive behavior
Behavior Clinic at Angell Memorial  (Jamaica Plain) Terri Bright, Ph.D., BCBA-D, CAAB Ellen Lindell, VMD, DACVB
(617) 522-7282
Behavior Clinic at Tufts (Grafton)  Dr. Stephanie Borns-Weil
(508) 887-4640