In the event it’s necessary to hospitalize our patients while they recover, Wayland Animal Clinic provides a comfortable, full-service stay for your pet. Before returning them home to the loving care of their owners, we offer our patients hospitalization services including:

  • On-site laboratory and radiology services for rapid and accurate diagnostics
  • IV fluid therapy for re-hydation and diuresis
  • Diabetic glucose curves and monitoring
  • Well-staffed hospital wards with a highly trained, diligent, and compassionate veterinary nursing team
  • A vast pharmacy of injectable and oral medications utilizing current techniques to address pain management, toxicities, nausea or diarrhea, bacterial and viral infections, heart, kidney, or liver disease, ocular problems, and many other illnesses and injuries.

We also have built strong relationships with many of the 24-hour centers around us, and, if in the best interest of the patient, we can access specialists for advice about cases or to discuss referral/transfer of care if indicated.