We Will Be Calling You With Details!

Your veterinarian has recommended some lab work or other diagnostics.  Since different tests have different preparation requirements, we will be calling you tomorrow with some important information on how to prepare for your pet’s visit.  Be on the lookout for our call!  

Fasting Instructions

If your pet eats prior to providing a blood sample for it’s diagnostic tests, it can impact the accuracy of the test results. Fasting (withholding food) is not essential but it might save you a trip back to the Wayland Animal Clinic. We will let you know if your pet’s visit requires fasting. 

In the event your pet’s diagnostics require fasting prior to your visit, please refer to these guidelines:

  • FAST FOR 8 HOURS: In general, we recommend that you fast your pet for 8 hours. Water is okay. Some tests require different fasting instructions. You will be notified by a member of our staff with more specific directions if needed.
  • PETS ON MEDICATIONS: If your pet is on medications, please alert us during our call or call our front desk staff at 508-653-1096 for detailed instructions for your particular pet.

Patient History

To get the most out of your visit, take a moment to think about your pet’s medical history and current condition.  Note anything out of the ordinary – for example changes to eating, sleeping, urination or behavior.  


Bring a list of all medications that your pet is currently taking (including over-the-counter meds, supplements or anything else taken on a regular basis).  Please note the doses and frequency given.  Feel free to bring in the boxes/bottles/vials if easier.


For safety, please bring your pet in a closed cat carrier or your dog on a strong leash as appropriate.

Curbside Service

Wayland Animal Clinic is seeing patients inside the building while our human clients are waiting in their car.  Here’s how the process works:

*TIP* Bring a well-charged mobile phone with you!  Along with a face mask and credit card!

  • Upon arrival, call us at 508-653-1096 and remain in your vehicle
  • A technician will call you to take a history
  • Then a technician will come out to retrieve your pet. Please wear a face mask during face-to-face interactions with our staff.
  • After the examination, the doctor will call to review findings and the plan
  • The desk staff will call you one last time to secure payment with a credit card
  • We will bring your pet back to your vehicle along with any medications or food you might need
  • Exceptions to this protocol will be made for euthanasia appointments – please call the office when you arrive and someone will escort you into an exam room with your pet.

No Show / Cancellation Policy

All clients are required to give at least 24 hours advanced notice when cancelling any appointment. No Show / Late Cancellations will be charged $20 for technician appointments and $40 for veterinary appointments. See More Details